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We've canned (hah! Get it?) your very own mental paradise. A sparkling water that keeps your mind cool, nerves chill, and your body ready to take on the world.


What can HUSH do for you?

  • Nano-Amped Hemp Extract: Cools your mind, Stimulates your body.
  • Nano-Amped Adaptogens: Decrease Stress, Fights Fatigue, Improves Brain Function.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water: Lead Free H20, Reduces High Blood Pressure & Nerve Damage.

    PACK OF 6


    What kind of hemp?

    10mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with Natrually Occurring CBD Extract


    Flavors from all natural ingredients

    Reverse Osmosis Filtered Carbonated Water, Biotic Orange, Organic Lime Extract, Raw Biotic Adaptogens, 100% Biotic Nano-Amplified Full Spectrum Hemp Plant Extract(10mg).


    Nutrition Facts

    Calories: 0

    Yes. You read that right.


this drink very noticeably improves my mood. having one of these helps me relax and satisfies the ritual aspect of the nightly drink

Morgan J.

I realized that I didn’t really need alcohol but something fun to enjoy at and night and HUSH is all of that. So calming, and yum!

Lisa D.

I pour them in my glass and drink away, guilt free and no hangover!
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