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Let HUSH Dream Serum take you on the journey of your dreams!


Why dream with HUSH? Because our crew crafted a super potent mix of natural ingredients to boost your dream cycles naturally


We all know that the human body produces melatonin by itself, so why take chemical-based melatonin loaded with additives that work against your body’s natural sleep cycle? 


Still not sure? Us either! That’s why we created the HUSH Dream Serum. By adding a full dropper of our dream serum to your water, ice-tea, or favorite drink, you’re benefiting from natural magnesium extract that boosts your body’s melatonin naturally


Simply add HUSH Dream Serum to your daily sleep routine and you’re off to a flawless nights sleep.

Hush Dream Serum Pre-Order


    1000mg/g Hemp Oil with Natrually Occurring CBD @ 30mL Bottle


    Magnesium - The perfect organic catalyst to making your body naturally produce a ton of melatonin.

    VitaminB6 - The perfect natural raw addition to boost your immune system while resting.

    HUSH Hemp Extract - Relaxes your brain, reduces any feelings of fatigue, and stimulates your body.


    Recommended Serving Size: 1mL = 1 Full Dropper